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Ellie Anne Jewelry founders

Welcome to Ellie Anne Jewelry!  We are Ellie and Rachel.  We came up with the name Ellie Anne for our store because, well, Ellie is pretty obvious and Anne is Rachel's middle name.  We thought Ellie Anne Jewelry sounded better than Ellie Rachel Jewelry :)  We're so excited to welcome you to our store that combines our love of jewelry, and love of all things inspirational and motivational.

Rachel:  A few years ago a close friend posted a picture of a bracelet she had received as a gift. it said "she believed she could so she did".  I loved it and bought one for myself  right away!  I've been amazed at how big of an impact this simple piece of jewelry has made on my life.  I often find myself looking at each during the day and pondering the meaning and what it means for me exactly. It's given me the motivation and courage to believe in myself and do hard things (like open up this online store with my daughter!)

We want to provide the same experience of letting your jewelry inspire, remind and motive you.  And even make you laugh sometimes!   We want our jewelry to do more than look good.  We want to bring you jewelry that speaks to you.  Jewelry that means something and that tell others who you are and what you're passionate about!

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Ellie and Rachel

Ellie Anne Jewelry founders



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